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Bomb-Sniffing Elephants in South Africa

Worst Avalanches in 30 Years Cripple Villages Northeast of Kabul
Nearly 200 people are dead and 100 others injured in Panjshir province.

Islamic State Video Appears to Show Destruction of Ancient Artifacts
Some experts say most of the statues and sculptures were modern replicas rather than originals.

Drug Tunnel Connects Arizona to Mexico
After seizing nearly 5,000 pounds of marijuana from a truck during a traffic stop, police discovered a sophisticated tunnel in a town that sits on the border.

Putting the Elephant’s Keen Sense of Smell to the Test
The animals are being trained to detect bombs, mines, and poachers. The U.S. Army is interested to see if the biological structures in the elephant's trunk can be converted to technology for use in combat.

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